Archipelago National Park

May 2011

This National Park is huge, 500 km2 and is situated on the southwest coast of Finland. The first 4 days took me to the most southern habited island of my country, Utö.  I also visited Jurmo, which is about on hour ferryride from Utö further north.  The days were especially warm and so sunny. It was interesting to see a Common Eider (male) which went to ‘rest’ in order to die. Next morning the bird was eaten by other birds.  On Utö island I was lucky to borrow a hide from an other photographer and it was lots of fun to photograph birds from inside a tent. I decided to buy a hide tent for myself, too.

The second trip was about working and working!  Working for WWF Finland as well as working for myself to get photos for my National Park project.  I spent 4 days with 20 other volunteers on the tiny island of Långholmen on the northeast corner of the Park. One of the coordinators, Maija Mussaari, is specialized in plants so I ended up photographing lots of flowers and plants, which some of them rare ones, with my new Canon 100 mm macro lens. And what  glorious days we had – plain sunshine! On the image, there is Anemone nemorosa (valkovuokko) which is very common here.