My book: The National Parks of Finland

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This book of photographs and information is the result of seven years of work; it has called for 140 000 kilometres of driving, more than 200 days of travelling each year, more than 700 days altogether spent in national parks, a great deal of sitting at a computer, numerous awakenings very early in the morning and hundreds of interviews and enquiries.

It has been a wonderful time for me: physically hard but mentally endearing. What I gained in return for the hard work will become apparent from the pages of this book, but it is clear that there was an element of joy in everything I did.

The book is not a guide to the national parks of Finland, telling you how you can find them or listing the accommodation available, but rather it is an act of homage to them and to the unspoiled natural environments that we have in Finland, and especially to the fact that, thanks to our unique everyman’s right, we can enjoy these things relatively freely. I would like to encourage readers to set out on expeditions of their own into nature, to study their immediate surroundings, to visit the islands, to explore the fells of Lapland, and to go wherever their flights of fancy might lead them.

* The new SALLA NATIONAL PARK pages (photographs and text).


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Can you remember what autumn smells like? Or Labrador tea? Can you remember what it feels like to jump into puddles or climb onto rocks? Do you know what the delicate chirping of a golden plover sounds like on a fell slope, or the mating cry of a male eider duck amongst ice floes on a calm sea? Would you like to stand on the summit of a fell, or hide away for a moment in the secure bosom of a forest of ancient spruces? Or row a boat on a lake shrouded in morning mist while listening to the grunts of a black-throated diver?

Yes? Then welcome to the finest areas of natural countryside in Finland, its national parks. Put all your hurries on one side for a moment and delve into one of the parks described in this book – or all 40 of them, if you like.



“Thank you dear Téa for mailing it to me! Your whole book is just stunning, not only the photographs but the texts too; words and emotions of an incredibly strong, passionate and dedicated woman.”  – Elizabeth W.

“Your book arrived today! I love the way it is laid out and the subject dealt with. I especially love the information on interesting characters within each park. The photography is incredible and it is an excellent split of the factual information and the visual. It succeeds UTTERLY in making you wish to visit these places!” – Steven W.

“What a fantastic book with great pictures. It covers all the 40 National Parks here in Finland, gives details of the areas, size, photos, etc. … a must for any Hiker who wants to trek through these areas! I am so pleased to get your book, it gives me more inspiration and insight to visit many more parks here in Finland. I have been to a few already, Hossa, Tiilikkajärvi, Hiidenportti, Rokua, Oulanka to name a few but your book makes me yearn for more. Thank you for all your hard work over the 7 years it took to gather the kilometres on the trails, the knowledge and photographs. Here is one very happy customer.” – Simon L.

“I bought your book ‘The National Parks of Finland’ (in English) last month. I must say, after just a quick scan through, I am absolutely thrilled with it. It was so much more than I expected it to be. What a heavy-weight. A wonderful and substantial piece of art. You must feel very proud after all that hard work. I’m so grateful that you shared your experiences. I have a real treasure in my hands. I’m now gradually working my way through your wonderful memories and evocative photographs from your many visits to the parks – as well as your website photo gallery. I’m amazed by the immense diversity that I had no idea existed and you have brought it into my home. As a geologist I am thrilled to read about the trails that take you to these incredible features, the wonderful beauty spots and your experiences of this exotic nature of the wild.” – Phil S.


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Shipping in Finland: The English language book costs 35 euros + shipping 6 euros (including the package material). For two books the shipping in Finland is 7 euros.  You will get more info by e-mail from me. The Finnish language book (edition number 10 published in 2022) costs also 35 euros. It has got 8 new pages of a brand new national park SALLA as well as updated pages of the entire book.

NOTICE: The English language book has not got the 8 new pages of the Salla National Park, which was established in 2022. BUT, you can see the pages, photographs and read the text here on my website.

Shipping to other European countries is about 20-30+ euros (for example Germany 20e and Great Britain 22e) and about 42+ euros overseas (USA 45 euros). The exact cost depends on a country. Depending on the situation, it might be possible to have more than one book for the same shipping cost. People from abroad can pay me via PayPal. In this case, please use my email to find me in PayPal.

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