About Téa

Passion for life

I was born in Helsinki, Finland in 1960s. I am a professional freelance nature photographer and journalist concentrating in Finnish Lapland and our 40 national parks as well as the arctic areas of the world.

I moved to the north from Helsinki in 2011.  I live in Rovaniemi at the moment (around the arctic circle).
E-mail: teakarvinen (at) gmail.com
Tel. +358 50 463 7679

After having about 6 years of experience being a full time freelance news photographer and photojournalist in Finland, I turned my life more toward nature photography in 2009. Also, 9 years of my competitive sport career in skeleton sliding, touring around the world, came to an end in 2009.

My aim is to find own personal way to photograph by combining nature photography and fine art.

Nature is not a new element for me as I used to work as a full time wilderness guide in Finland developing eco tourism for several years before my 9 years of adventures in America. I have a photojournalism degree from University of Alaska Fairbanks after five and a half years of studying in Alaska, Hawaii and Ecuador. I also spent three years in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I have a huge passion for nature photography as well as for life in general.

After touring around the world for over 20 years, I am now settled in Finland and Lapland.

I want to tell people with my pictures and stories how beautiful places there are in order for them to realize what an incredible planet we have. 
I want to encourage others to go out there and explore the beauty around us –  including their own backyard.  My NEW BOOK (released Aug. 2017) about the national parks of Finland has received great success. My really hard work of seven years has not gone for vain.

I want to awake the longing of nature inside people. Humans and nature are the same, we are together. Nature does not need people but people need nature to survive.

Knowledge increases the awareness, which increases the will of preservation.