Seven National Parks in 9 days

May 31- June 8, 2011

Seven National Parks in nine days! And lots of pictures that I like.  This has been my life in the beginning of the summer this year.   When I concentrate just for photography, it is amazing how much one can do in such a short period of time.  I haven’t eaten and slept too much past week! But it has been great to be by myself and explore nature & see some small things that I’d never notice when walking with other people.

Today, June 8th I am finishing my three day stay at Saimaa Lake area (Järvisydän Holiday Resort). Looking for Saimaa ringed seal (saimaannorppa) which is one of the most endangered seal in the world. I saw two of them sun bathing on the rock.  It starts to be that time of the summer when the seals prefer the water.  It is more difficult to see them now compared to May. The picture here  is not a seal but a moose!  We were lucky to see a swimming moose.