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KIRJANI: Kansallispuistot – maamme luonnon helmet. Tästä pääset tutustumaan uuteen valokuva- ja tietokirjaani Suomen kansallispuistoista ja tilaamaan sen. Yli seitsemän vuoden työni julkaistiin elokuun lopulla 2017.  Viime joulukuussa eli vuosi ja 3-4 kk kirjan ilmestymisestä, suomenkielistä kirjaani on myyty yli 11 000 kpl ja englanninkielistä noin 1000 kpl.

in ENGLISH: Here you can check out my book about Finnish national parks which came out end of Aug. 2017.  You can also order it here. Last December – after a year and 3-4 months after the publishing – over 11 000 Finnish language books and about English language 1000 books had been sold so far.

Photo of the week

Since 2008 I have taken and posted a photo of the week picture on my website each week. Sometimes it is difficult to choose the “best” one so I often choose the photo by feeling.

National parks of Finland

National parks of my country have played a huge part in my life during the last nine years. I have toured all 40 of them several times and during different seasons since 2010. From the very beginning I had a dream: I want to make a book of our nature treasures.
I fell in love with our national parks. On this website you can see my photographs of all the parks taken during different seasons. Which one is your favorite?