Salamanca, Spain

October 2013

I have just spent an overwhelming week in an old medieval city of Salamanca, Spain.  7 days with hundreds of people (close to 1000) who’s passion is nature and wilderness. During this 10th World Wilderness Congress (that is held once in 4 yrs) I have seen or met people from all over the world, for example Australian aboriginals, the President of Mozambique, the Sámi of Lapland, American Indian natives and people from NZ, India and all Europe to name a few places.  I have got so much inspiration and learned a lot from great artists, writers, photographers, film makers, scientists, conservation people, indigenous people, etc.  I have received many new ideas, which I hope to bring to my work & life in the future.  P.S. If you haven’t seen the movie Chasing Ice, watch it!