Nunavut, arctic Canada

May 17th-June12th —- Photos from Nunavut here

Snow, ice, sun = full winter going on here in the arctic.  First, I spent 9 days in Pangnirtung, in a tiny village of 1300 people at the latitudes of 66 North. From there I came to Pond Inlet (a village of 1500 people) at the latitudes of 72 N. I have tried to learn more about the lives of Inuit people. This last week of my one month tour I will spend on the floe edge area which is about 3 hr snow machine ride from Pond Inlet to the east.  What is floe edge?  I will be living on the floating ice between the mountains and the open sea.  This is the area where the wildlife come at this time of the year. Hope to see & photograph also polar bears! I will hopefully see & take pictures of whales, seals, walruses, etc and of course, lots of birds.