Tea Karvinen - Professional photographer

Photos of the week

Photo of the week 23 is taken in Itäinen Suomenlahti National Park out in the ocean. There is an interesting tiny, bare island of Huovari inside the border zone (of Finland & Russia) in the most South-East corner of Finland. 27 fishing huts sit on this almost treeless island. This swan got the chicks out of the eggs during the night when I was here in the beginning of June.    – Copyright: Téa Karvinen

Huovarin saari Itäisen Suomenlahden kansallispuistossa. Suomen Luonto: käyttöoikeus Tean Huovarijutun yhteydessä (elokuu 2017), myös netissä.

Since 2008 I have taken and posted a photo of the week picture on my website each week. Sometimes it is difficult to choose the ”best” one so I often pic up by feeling the photograph which I like most at that moment.