7 years and it is DONE

July 8th, 2017

(photo by Emilia Kangasluoma @ Nuuksio np)

——   NOW it is finally done – the book of the national parks of Finland!

Here is the front & back cover + one randomly chosen page from the book (opening of the Bothnian Sea np). In Finnish the name is: Kansallispuistot – maamme luonnon helmet  & in English: The national parks of Finland. The cover photo will be the same.




This is what I wrote to facebook (Tea Karvinen Photography — go & like the pages!)

My 7-year project is done: the book of Finnish national parks went to printing on Monday (July 3). It will be published in Finnish and English languages (different books). They are available end of August.

Now starts a new life without any hurry. HUH. This word expresses my feelings now. There has been more than enough passion for making this book & touring the 40 national parks during total of over 700 days (since 2010). Therefore I am physically extremely tired right now. I have driven my car over 140 000 km, and traveled over 200 days each year.

While at home, I have been sitting next to my computer from the morning until evening. This past winter and spring I spent writing and making photos from the morning until bedtime without having even a half a day of for 7 months (no X-mas, Easter, etc. for me). Everyday I had a short exercise moment to clear my head and to get fresh air. I mostly ate my food next to the computer.

But this was my choice. Finland is celebrating its 100 years of independence this year (Dec. 7th) and I wanted to make the book ready now.

If you are interested in, you can order the book from me by e-mailing me or filling out this form.