7 years and it is DONE

July 8th, 2017   — 

HUOM. Täällä suomenkieliset blogikirjoitukset: kirjan tekemisestä osa 1: ennen julkaisua  ja

kirjan tekemisestä osa 2: julkaisemisen jälkeen (+ lukijapalaute)

(coverphoto by Emilia Kangasluoma @ Nuuksio np)

——   NOW it is finally done – the book of the national parks of Finland – a book in Finnish language and another book in English language. Over 720 days (and/or nights) spent in Finnish national parks since 2010. Over 140 000 kilometers on the road and over 200 travel days each year since 2010.

Here is the front & back cover + some randomly chosen pages of the book. The name of the Finnish book is: Kansallispuistot – maamme luonnon helmet  & the name of the English book is: The national parks of Finland.

SEE MORE HERE.   (= Some pages of the book, some published articles, TV-interview, etc.)



A short video clip of my book in facebook (Tea Karvinen Photography)

My 7-year project is done: the book of Finnish national parks went to printing on Monday (July 3). It will be published in Finnish and English languages (different books) end of Aug. 2017.

Now starts a new life without any hurry. HUH. This word expresses my feelings now. There has been more than enough passion for making this book & touring the 40 national parks during total of over 700 days (since 2010). Therefore I am physically extremely tired right now.

(Dec. 2nd: I haven’t been able to organize a single day off since last year Oct. – so I was too optimistic in July when I wrote this text above!)

While at home, I have been sitting next to my computer from the morning until evening. This past winter and spring I spent writing and making photos from the morning until bedtime without having even a half a day of for 7 months (no X-mas, Easter, etc. for me). Everyday I had a short exercise moment to clear my head and to get fresh air. I mostly ate my food next to the computer.

But this was my choice. Finland is celebrating its 100 years of independence this year (Dec. 6th) and I wanted to make the book ready now.

If you are interested in, you can order the book from me by e-mailing (teakarvinen at gmail.com) or filling out this form.



























Three example pages of the book above: Riisitunturi np (near Kuusamo), Päijänne np (in the South) and Urho Kekkonen np (in Lapland).